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Gardening for beginners

Growing your own food with kids is such a rewarding experience, but when you’re starting out, it can also be quite daunting. We’ve created easy to follow courses focused on gardening for beginners. Designed from a parents perspective, our courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to get started growing food at home.

We’ve simplified the process so you can easily teach your kids organic gardening skills.

gardening for beginners - capsicum seedlings

Start-up vegie patch basics: FREE online course

Want to grow food at home with the kids but don’t know where to start? ON NOW get started today.

Organic Action Plan: 5 Day eCourse

Easy organic gardening principles so your food is clean, nutrient dense and packed full of flavour. Start an action plan today.

Organic Food Garden 101: Intensive Program

Everything you need to grow organic food with kids. Grow, nurture, harvest and enjoy organic homegrown food.

These small terracotta pots make the most amazing gifts

It doesn't take much to think of an inexpensive gift with lots of heart. These small terracotta pots were so cheap and with a little creative thinking, they truly are a gift that keeps on giving. Through a child's eye, they become a vessel for adventure and...

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How to make a mug bug hotel your kids will love.

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Energize a lunchbox with these 5 healthy garden snacks!

Energize a lunchbox with these 5 healthy garden snacks!

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