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Growing your own food with kids is such a rewarding experience, but when you’re starting out, it can be quite daunting as well. Come and learn with us and we’ll get you started on the right foot. Designed from a parents perspective, our courses will equip you with the right knowledge you need and nothing you don’t.

We’ve simplified the process so you can easily teach your kids organic gardening skills.

Start-up vegie patch basics: FREE online course

Want to grow food at home with the kids but don’t know where to start? Register now for our free mini-course.

Organic Action Plan: 5 Day eCourse

Organic gardening means your food is clean, nutrient dense and packed full of goodness. Start your action plan today.

Organic Food Garden 101: Intensive Program

Everything you need to know to grow organic food with kids. From start-up to harvest and everything in between.

Tomato and lentil soup (slow cooker)

Slow cookers are so handy, especially during the cooler months. We love creating different dishes that are easy to make and taste amazing and our Tomato and Lentil Soup is a winner. The most important thing to remember is that you always make a recipe your own. Tinker...

Want to try the most amazing crunchy quinoa salad?

I discovered quinoa quite a while ago and I use it in my cooking all the time. It's not actually a grain but a seed, and it's packed full of protein. You'll find it a great substitute for rice and I love creating dishes that really allow it to be the hero, just like...

How to cook beetroot like an expert

Beetroot's reputation has been tainted over the years from sticking it in a tin, slicing it and adding sugar. For many years as a child, I thought beetroot came from the pantry. Fast forward to now, and beetroot is a staple vegetable in our food garden and throughout...

How to grow organic baby food full of goodness

Providing your baby with organic, pesticide-free and nourishing first foods is high on the priority list for many parents. The problem for many is being able to source food that you can be certain ticks all these boxes. Growing food in your own garden gives you the...

5 presents for mum that will make her garden bloom

If your mum is anything like mine, when I ask her if there's something she would like for Mother’s Day, she will always tell me not to buy anything. To be fair, when my husband asks if there's a gift I would like from my children I say the same. The beauty of having a...

How to choose the best companion flowers for autumn

When I first discovered companion planting it was like a light bulb got switched on. It’s such a big part of an organic food garden and forms one of the key concepts. This concept involves working with nature and using natural practices to benefit your crops. Among...

Want to know the best seeds for eggheads?

If you're looking for a cheap, fun and quick project to do with the kids, have a go at making eggheads. There's lots of different seeds you can grow in eggheads, but the best seeds for eggheads are microgreens. Microgreens are fast to germinate and only take a few...

How to ensure kids are growing with gratitude.

Sometimes we forget to breathe. We all know this feeling, juggling hundreds of jobs, tired children, running late, again, something hasn’t gone to plan. There are so many triggers leading us into a place of stress and anxiety. According to Beyond Blue, "45% of...

2 easy watermelon treats that will quench your thirst!

There is nothing quite like watermelon to cool the body temperature right down and quench your thirst. Since we are all about the family at Family Garden Life, we came up with two amazing watermelon treats for both the kids and adults. Adults Watermelon Treats Red...

A fairy Easter that will fill your heart with warmth

It's not long until Easter when our children, once again, become excited at the thought of a visit from a bunny. In my house that only means one thing. Chocolate, and lots of it. At our place, we set up the Easter egg hunt in the garden. Usually, this makes for a lot...

Want to know how to grow garlic in Australia?

For years garlic was on my hit list to become a mass producing crop in my food garden. After failing miserably season after season I gave up, tail between legs it was all over. Learning how to grow garlic in Australia was quickly disappearing. It wasn’t until I hooked...

Why are Asian greens the best autumn crop?

Asian Greens Their leafy, green and generally don’t take forever to grow, which is always a winner with the kids.  I wouldn’t class them as hard to grow either, and they’re bursting with goodness. As the autumn nights start to really cool down and the day temps as...

Mouthwatering microgreens recipe – even your kids can’t resist!

Microgreens recipe Microgreens are tiny and quickly growing green vegetables. It's no big surprise why kids simply love them for their cuteness in size. Usually used as a garnish or even as the main ingredient for lots of dishes, especially fine dining. Aside from...

Autumn Gardening. How to prepare for your best crop!

There will come a time, depending on where you live, when you have to kiss those mass producing summer crops farewell, and shift gears for the season ahead. Autumn gardening will happen at different times around Australia. You'll find the cooler climates will lead...

How to get your kids cooking from the garden.

Kids cooking from the garden Kids cooking from the garden is one of the best ways to show them the garden to plate process. It's all about teaching our kids where real food comes from and how nutrient-dense and tasty it is. It’s a known fact that kids are more likely...

These rock bugs and beetles will make you smile

Rock bugs and beetles are a great way to add some fun and colour to your garden or even your plant pots. One of the teacher's at my kids school made a similar lady bug to ours. It was painted red and black, covered in spots and also given wiggly eyes. The lady bug was...

You’ll love how easy seed saving really is

You'll love how easy seed saving is when you give it a go yourself, and the cost-benefits are amazing. Most of the time seeds will be ready for collection when the fruit has gone past ripe and fallen from the plant or started to rot. Seed pods or seed heads are a...

Sweet & Salty Watermelon Salad (with edible flowers)

If you've never experienced sweet and salty together, then this is definitely the recipe you should try. Even my husband loved it. This sweet & salty watermelon salad is topped off with some stunning edible flowers. You'll find the sweetness of the strawberries and...

How to make your Garden Sparkle.

If you're looking to add some Garden Sparkle and you're not sure where to start, be inspired by my story. Author: Sonia - mother of 2 girls A fairy garden Childhood is a time of imagination and wonder. A time to believe in the impossible, to feel safe, secure and free...

How to make a mug bug hotel your kids will love.

Want to learn how to make a mug bug hotel that your kids will love? My children have been bugging me for ages (you’ll get the joke in a minute) to build a home for the bees and bugs that visit our garden. This started after they participated in a project at school...


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