Best Garden Deer Repellent (2023): My Top 5 Recommendations


Careland 360° Solar  Best for intermediate kayakers seeking versatility and performance in various water conditions.

Garden Protection

Easy Installation

Effective for Some


Versatile Use
Mixed Results

Limited Range
Motion Sensor Issues

Nocturnal Operation

Sound Annoyance
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 Lubatis 2 Pack Solar  Ideal for intermediate to advanced kayakers seeking versatile performance and precision control in various water conditions.
Effective Animal Deterrence

Solar-Powered Convenience

Humane Repellent

Positive Buyer Feedback

Affordable and Value
Inconsistent Results

Limited Animal Types
Mixed Reviews


Potential for Malfunction
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 Redeo  Best for gardeners seeking humane, eco-friendly pest deterrent against deer, rabbits, and various wildlife.
Effective Deer Deterrent

Simple Installation


Multi-Animal Repellent

Inconsistent Results

Limited Range
Durability Concerns

May Not Work for All Animals

Audible Noise
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 Careland Ultrasonic  Homeowners with gardens, flower beds, or outdoor spaces looking to deter pests humanely.
Effective Pest Deterrent

Easy Setup

Plant Protection

Versatile Use

Mixed Effectiveness

Limited Coverage
Audible Noise

Adaptation Potential

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Careland 360° Solar

Best for: Best for intermediate kayakers seeking versatility and performance in various water conditions.

Garden Protection: Ideal for gardeners seeking to deter pests like deer and raccoons effectively.
Easy Installation: Simple setup with both solar and USB charging options for convenience.
Effective for Some: Has successfully repelled cats and dogs for certain users.
Non-Harmful: Provides a humane way to keep unwanted animals out of your outdoor spaces.
Versatile Use: Suitable for various outdoor areas, including gardens, porches, and lawns.
Mixed Results: Effectiveness varies; it may not work consistently for all types of animals.
Limited Range: Not suitable for large areas; effectiveness is limited to a small radius.
Motion Sensor Issues: Some users reported motion sensor reliability problems.
Nocturnal Operation: Operates primarily at night, which may not suit daytime animal issues.
Sound Annoyance: Audible sound may be bothersome to some residents and pets.


Based on the reviews from verified buyers, it’s evident that the Careland 360 animal repellent has garnered a mixed response. Some customers have found it to be an effective solution for keeping unwanted animals at bay, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with its performance.

A number of users have reported success in repelling animals such as cats, raccoons, and deer from their gardens and yards. They appreciate the device’s ability to create a deterrent effect, with flashing lights and sound that animals find unpleasant. Some even mentioned that it helped protect their gardens and keep their outdoor spaces free from animal intrusions, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

On the other hand, a subset of customers did not experience the same level of success with the Careland 360. They noted instances where animals, particularly dogs and squirrels, seemed unfazed by the device’s presence. Some reported issues with the motion sensors, suggesting that the product was not always reliable in detecting movement. In these cases, users expressed disappointment with the device’s performance, feeling that it did not meet their expectations.

Overall, while the Careland 360 animal repellent has shown promise in deterring certain animals and protecting outdoor spaces for some customers, its effectiveness appears to vary. Potential buyers may want to consider the mixed feedback and weigh their options carefully before investing in this product.

Lubatis 2 Pack Solar

Best for: Ideal for intermediate to advanced kayakers seeking versatile performance and precision control in various water conditions.

Effective Animal Deterrence: Ideal for those seeking a solution to protect gardens and outdoor spaces from pests.
Solar-Powered Convenience: No batteries required, making it eco-friendly and low-maintenance.
Humane Repellent: Offers a non-lethal way to keep unwanted animals at bay.
Positive Buyer Feedback: Many users reported successful results in deterring various wildlife.
Affordable and Value: A cost-effective option to safeguard plants and furniture from damage.
Inconsistent Results: Effectiveness varies, and some customers reported it didn’t work for their specific situation.
Limited Animal Types: May not deter all types of animals, as observed in some user experiences.
Mixed Reviews: Some buyers found it attracted or had no effect on certain animals.
Space-Dependent: Effectiveness may depend on the size and layout of the outdoor area.
Potential for Malfunction: Like any electronic device, there’s a chance of product failure over time.


The animal repellent in question has garnered a mix of reviews from various buyers. Some customers expressed their satisfaction with the product’s performance, highlighting its effectiveness in keeping unwanted animals away. One buyer noted that it successfully deterred cats, squirrels, and raccoons from their yard, which had been a persistent issue. They appreciated the convenience of not needing batteries and the absence of human-audible sounds, making it a discreet solution.

In contrast, not all customers had a positive experience. One review claimed that the product didn’t work at all and even seemed to attract armadillos. Another buyer mentioned that it failed to deter feral cats from causing disturbances around their car. It’s clear that individual outcomes may vary, and the effectiveness of this animal repellent may depend on specific circumstances.

Several customers praised the product’s ability to protect their gardens and plants from damage caused by rabbits, deer, and other animals. They found it to be a humane and efficient solution for repelling unwanted wildlife. However, there were a few instances where buyers felt that the repellent did not work as described, particularly in keeping raccoons away.

Overall, the reviews suggest that this animal repellent has yielded both positive and negative results, with some buyers finding it to be an effective solution for their animal-related issues, while others were less satisfied with its performance.


Best for: Best for gardeners seeking humane, eco-friendly pest deterrent against deer, rabbits, and various wildlife.

Effective Deer Deterrent: Ideal for those seeking to protect gardens from deer and similar wildlife.
Simple Installation: Quick and easy setup with no complicated wiring.
Solar-Powered: Environmentally friendly and cost-effective operation with solar energy.
Multi-Animal Repellent: Can help deter various pests, including cats and raccoons.
Non-Harmful: Provides a humane way to keep animals away without causing harm.
Inconsistent Results: Effectiveness may vary, with mixed results reported by users.
Limited Range: Coverage area may not be sufficient for larger yards or gardens.
Durability Concerns: Some users experienced product failure after a short period.
May Not Work for All Animals: Effectiveness against specific pests may be limited.
Audible Noise: High-pitched sound may be audible to some individuals, including children.


The Solar Animal Repeller has received a mix of reviews from verified buyers. Some customers have reported positive results, noting that it effectively deterred deer, rabbits, and other animals from their yards. They mentioned that the device successfully protected their plants from being eaten and that they hadn’t encountered any issues with pests since installing it.

However, not all buyers were satisfied with the product. Some expressed disappointment, stating that it did not work for them at all. They mentioned that animals like rabbits, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and even deer continued to visit their gardens despite using the repeller. Some customers also mentioned that the device stopped working after a short period, leaving them unsatisfied with their purchase.

There were also mixed opinions on the effectiveness of the repeller against cats. While some buyers claimed it successfully kept cats out of their yards and prevented them from leaving unwanted surprises, others mentioned that it had little to no impact on deterring feline intruders.

In summary, the Solar Animal Repeller seems to have worked well for some buyers, effectively protecting their gardens from various animals. However, others experienced issues with its performance, including ineffectiveness against certain animals and durability concerns. The overall satisfaction with the product appears to vary among customers, making it important for potential buyers to consider their specific needs and circumstances before making a purchase.

Careland Ultrasonic

Best for: Homeowners with gardens, flower beds, or outdoor spaces looking to deter pests humanely.

Effective Pest Deterrent: Keeps rabbits, deer, and other critters away from gardens and yards.
Easy Setup: Simple installation with no complicated wiring, and it’s solar-powered for convenience.
Plant Protection: Preserves the health and growth of valuable plants and flowers.
Versatile Use: Suitable for safeguarding gardens, chicken coops, and outdoor spaces from various predators.
Non-Harmful: Provides a humane solution without harming animals or using chemicals.
Mixed Effectiveness: May not work as well in areas with habituated wildlife, yielding inconsistent results.
Limited Coverage: Effectiveness may be restricted to a specific radius, requiring multiple units for larger spaces.
Audible Noise: Produces a beeping noise when activated, potentially bothering nearby humans or pets.
Adaptation Potential: Pests might adapt over time, requiring ongoing monitoring and adjustments.
Sensitivity: Some users found it less effective on certain animal species.


The Careland Solar Powered Animal Repeller has garnered a mix of opinions from its users. For some, it has proven to be a reliable guardian of their gardens, saving their cherished plants from the voracious appetites of rabbits, deer, and other unwanted intruders. These individuals express their relief at finally finding a solution that not only works but is also easy to set up. They appreciate the solar-powered feature, which adds convenience to its functionality.

Among the satisfied customers are those who have observed a significant improvement in their gardens, with new growth sprouting after the installation of these repellent devices. Their testimonials attest to the product’s effectiveness in keeping deer and other pests at bay, ultimately preserving their valuable plants.

Additionally, this repeller has found utility beyond protecting gardens, with some users employing it to safeguard their chicken coops and yards from various predators. The success stories of thwarting raccoons and coyotes underscore the versatility of this product in defending outdoor spaces.

However, there are dissenting voices among the reviews. A few customers have reported that the repeller had little to no effect on deterring deer, especially in areas where deer are accustomed to human presence. This highlights the potential limitations of the product in regions with highly habituated wildlife.

In summary, the Careland Solar Powered Animal Repeller has proven to be a valuable addition to many outdoor spaces, effectively deterring a range of pests and protecting gardens and yards. While it may not be foolproof in all situations, the majority of users have found it to be a reliable and humane solution for their pest problems.

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