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When I first saw the Kneepal, I could instantly relate to having sore knees in the garden. You'll find a gardener's knees are always covered in grass and dirt. What a great idea to cushion and support the knee like this. I've been using it and although I'm not old, I'm not young either. It's extremely comfortable to kneel on, you won't look back.

Kneepal is the ideal kneeling cushion for gardening. You could even say, gardening has never been more comfortable.

This garden kneeler is soft and supportive because it is moulded around your knees. You'll find it ideal to move around the garden with you as you work.


Originally developed in South Africa, this amazing design was invented to help mummas. When it comes to kneeling on hard bathroom floors, dressing and looking after the kids, your knees can get sore. However, because the material is weatherproof, durable and so soft to kneel on,  many more uses were found. These include painting, mechanical work, cleaning, bathing pets and of course gardening.

Now available in 4 colours, Kneepal will not only save your knees from discomfort and bruising but it will also keep your clothes stay clean and out of the dirt.

If you've been searching for a product s that was waterproof, durable and soft to lean on then Kneepal is what you have been looking for.

Kneepal - many uses

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