Stop press! The very good bra is compostable!

by | Aug 21, 2019 | In the Garden

With so much focus on what we’re putting into landfill, it’s always exciting to fall upon a good news story such as this compostable bra. According to ABC’s War on Waste programme, Australia throws out 6000kg of clothes every ten minutes. That’s 36,000kg of clothes every hour and the majority of these go directly into landfill.

Even more concerning is that more and more clothing is made from materials that are not natural. Plastic fibres such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are responsible for shedding microplastic particles into our environment. Here at Family Garden Life, we value sustainable ways to improve the future for our children.

The very good bra

Stephanie Devine, the Founder of The Very Good Bra, wanted to make a difference in the clothing industry. She set her heart on creating the world’s first zero-waste bra. In May 2018, after spending years sourcing and developing the product she launched her very first bra on Kickstarter. Over 700 people purchased the bra in 30 days showing Stephanie that this was an idea that people wanted to support.

Made from all-natural materials, including the sewing thread, labels and accessories, this bra was designed to be compostable. But how could she prove this? It was at this point that Stephanie reached out to Deanne at WormTech. Deanne operates a commercial composting plant in NSW. Stephanie wished to know whether her claims were accurate and so for the next two months a bra was placed into the composting pile and the results were monitored.

Compostable bra

Here are the results. On the 18th March 2019, the bra was laid into the compost pile and buried about 4 to 5 inches deep.  Some feed was sprinkled onto it to encourage the worms. There were quite a few worms in the compost around it.

Ten days later the bra was dug up. Whilst it was moist and soggy, it had not yet started to show any evidence of composting.  More worm feed was added.

Three weeks after the bra had first been buried it was again dug up. This time there were two significant holes in the bra where the worms had started to eat it.

compostable-bra-in-compost compostable-bra-composted

Two months after the bra had initially been buried, the spot was again dug up. There was nothing left behind except for the elastic. The elastic is made from tree rubber in organic cotton so will take longer to compost and did so over the following few months.

Stephanie is launching her latest creation in Vintage Peach.  Head over to The Very Good Bra to offer your support. She is again using Kickstarter and if enough pre-orders are taken this bra will go into production. Enjoy feeling supported whilst you support our environment.