How to turn rosemary cuttings into a gift

by | Dec 18, 2018 | In the Garden, Kids Garden Activities

Rosemary is a Mediterranean woody perennial herb known for its wonderful flavour. It’s one of the most popular herbs and can be found in most garden kitchens. For gardeners, it’s a great herb to grow because it’s both hardy and drought tolerant. If it’s in a sunny spot, rosemary will do well in most gardens. You can also take rosemary cuttings and propagate them so you can gift a rosemary plant to your friends.

Historically, rosemary was considered sacred to the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. It has been used to symbolise remembrance for many hundreds of years, even being mentioned by Shakespeare in Hamlet. Christmas is a time that we spend remembering our families, friendships and reflecting on the year that has passed. Making these rosemary Christmas trees, which you can enjoy all year round, is the perfect way to embrace this tradition.

I have a large rosemary plant growing in my garden which was perfect for taking cuttings from. If you don’t have a plant in your garden a good local nursery will sell seedlings that will be perfect for this project.

Gift pots

To make our rosemary gift trees we used a selection of pots including terracotta and various metal pots. We chose metal pots in silver and gold as these are perfect festive colours. You’ll find they really enhance the green foliage of the rosemary. The terracotta pots allow you to paint whatever colour you choose. Using acrylic paint, it took 2 to 3 coats of paint to get a beautiful even finish which was great for keeping the children amused.

Once we allowed the pots to dry, we applied a couple of layers of Mod Podge sealer to the inside and the outside of our pots. Don’t forget to do this to the inside otherwise, the paint will bubble. We used a good quality propagating mix from our local nursery to fill each of the pots.

Rosemary cuttings

Then we headed out into the garden to choose rosemary cuttings. If you take rosemary cuttings from your garden, you must trim off any lower branches from your cutting to leave a stem. Use a sharp pair of secateurs to ensure you have clean cuts. Then make a hole in the propagating mix before you place your rosemary cutting in. This helps protect the stem from damage and will help it to develop into a beautiful plant. Once your cutting is in position firmly press the soil around it. Shape your cutting as required.

rosemary cuttings chalk peg gift tag rosemary cuttings painted pots

If you are using rosemary seedlings that you have bought, then you just need to plant these into your pot and shape your rosemary as desired. Don’t forget to give your plant water.

rosemary cuttings decorative pots rosemary cuttings potted