Why a raised garden planter makes the perfect gift

by | Oct 15, 2018 | In the Garden

My brother has a small courtyard garden that gets a little sun. Like I, he was brought up with a love of growing vegetables and herbs and being surrounded by beautiful flowering plants through the seasons.  He has spent a lot of time designing his space to get the most out of it in terms of use, beauty and bounty.  The one thing he couldn’t decide was how to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs with so little sun in such a small space. Then he discovered the Greenlife Raised Garden Planter and this enabled him to plant 800mm off the ground. Suddenly, the sunlight that he needed was able to find his plants and he has never looked back.

My brother has spent the last few years experimenting with what grows best in these raised planters. After trying a variety of crops he definitely found some real winners. He regularly gives strawberries to my children to eat fresh from his garden, he has a lot of success with herbs and grows parsley and basil as these are his favourites to eat. Growing lettuce, radish and he has even had success with carrots as he is able to ensure that the soil is sandy and dug through and the carrots grow straight and true. Even spring onions, which are growing in his planter, can be harvested then added straight into his stir-fries and his garlic is amazing.

Raised Garden Planter

He was so impressed with his raised garden planter that he bought one for my Dad last Christmas. My Dad now has mobility issues as he grows older and he is no longer able to bend down and tend to his garden.  This has always been his favourite ‘room’ in the house and we could see that this upset him. Suddenly, my Dad is able to garden once more and his planter is now used for vegetables too. He was so happy with it that he has since purchased a second one which he fills with flowering plants. This brings so much joy into the garden.

Raised Garden Planter- purple Raised Garden Planter - Grey

Planter options

The Greenlife Raised Garden Planters are also ideal for balconies. The planter comes in two different widths of 1000mm or 600mm allowing flexibility where you have small spaces. Because the height of both planters is 800mm you’ll be able to see the beauty of the flowers from ground level. This means that if you plant flowers and position well, you’ll be able to enjoy the view with little effort.

Raised garden planter - small green Raised Garden Planter- trolley

Mobile Planter Trolley

Greenlife also has a Mobile Planter Trolley. This allows you to move your planter easily as it has wheels. You can position it to follow the sun or move it in the heat of summer and hide it in the shade.  I love how the mobile planter trolley has a convenient shelf underneath. Any added storage is a bonus for items like gloves, tools or even a nighttime lantern.

When space is limited, mobility is restricted consider a raised garden planter as the perfect solution. I recommend heading over to Greenlife to have a look at what they have available. As with my family, I know it will help the sunshine reach more spaces where you live too.

Written by: Sonia (wife and mother of 2)