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Worm Tech Gift Card

Worm Tech has so many awesome products for you to reduce waste at home and recycle your scraps into amazing rich organic compost. Sometimes it can just be too hard to choose!

A Worm Tech Gift Card is a unique and practical idea for and special occasion including birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or just to say thank you to someone special.

Online Garden Gift Card

Worm Tech has an amazing selection for the gift recipient to choose from such as the VermiHut Worm Farm which is compact, sturdy and simple to use. A Great gift for kids, garden enthusiasts or fisherman. Compost Worms can be used for fishing too so a good one to keep in mind for dad.

Worm Tech also has a great range of Organic Fertiliser for your food garden including ACTIV8 Organic Fertiliser

For those who love to recycle the Bokashi Compost Bin is a must-have in the kitchen. Great for use in Caravans too!

They also stock the EnsoPet Waste System which is a great way to keep your backyard free from animal waste by composing back into the garden.

What about an amazing book on worms, Organic Growing with Worms, might just do the trick too.

Give a Worm Tech Gift Card and let them decide!


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