Vertical Garden Wall

It’s a simple, cost-effective and foolproof way of having your very own vertical garden wall. These green wall blankets are so versatile and easy to use because they have no brackets just heavy duty eyelets.

You can green up a long wall or fence by adding a few together to create a fantastic feature wall. There are so many places you can hang the wall blanket, like a patio, courtyard, outdoor entertaining area and more.

Some of the features include:

  • Great size for the right area measuring 47″ x 43″ (approx. 1200mm x 1100mm)
  • The blanket is made from a black recycled PET with waterproof PVC backing so this protects the wall.
  • You’ll be able to plant more mature plants because of the unique staggered pocket design with 18″ (450mm) wide pockets.
  • Because of the heavy-duty brass eyelets, it can be attached it to your fence or wall easily.
  • There is a waterproof backing membrane which will reduce evaporation and minimize water contact on the wall.
  • A 4mm drip line irrigation system is included to ensure a beautiful and healthy green wall all year round.

You can find this green wall blanket in a small size as well, so you can decorate more than one space.


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