Vertical Green Wall Blanket (Small)

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Vertical Wall Garden

If you are looking to create a vertical wall garden, you need to check out these really functional wall blankets. Available in Medium and Small, you’ll be able to create an amazing look and add some much-needed greenery to your walls.

A simple, cost-effective and foolproof way of having your very own vertical green wall at home. Not pots or brackets required. Group a few together across a fence or along a wall as an impressive feature.

The wall blanket features include:

  • Black recycled PET material with waterproof PVC backing for protection.
  • Unique staggered pocket design with 7″ (180mm) wide pockets ideal for herbs and edible plants.
  • Easily attaches it to your fence or wall through the heavy-duty brass eyelet, making it easily assembled.
  • The waterproof backing membrane will reduce evaporation and minimize water contact on the wall.

Measuring 23″ x 23″ (approx. 600mm x 600mm) in size, it’s perfect for that hard to decorate outdoor space.

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