Vertical Garden Planters (Double Sided)

Clever Patch


Vertical Garden Planters

How amazing are these Vertical Garden Planters for a balcony, courtyard or even a rental property? They would look amazing draped on a decorative ladder in a courtyard or used in multiples around a balcony. You could plant herbs outside your kitchen or they would look beautiful filled with flowers of every colour.

The pockets are so easy to fill and don’t require any irrigation. You can easily keep them watered and they are so simple to set up because you don’t need any tools or brackets to secure them to.

Made from a strong, durable material which makes them a reliable structure to work with. They can be secured to walls, fences and railings by the 6 eyelets provided on the planter.

Each planter comes with 8 pockets which are 4 on each side. Measuring approximately 50cm high x 31cm wide.

 CleverPatch has an awesome range of garden products and nature-inspired craft to inspire you and your family in the garden.


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