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VermiHut Worm Farm

VermiHut Worm Farm turns your kitchen waste into the most amazing compost for your garden. With its awesome design, your worms can move freely between the shelves. This allows you to harvest their castings directly from the trays and add their nutrient-dense waste (castings) directly into your soil.

Don’t forget the bottom tap will collect your liquid gold worm wee. All you need to do is dilute with water and feed your garden from above. The plant leaves will quickly absorb all the goodness. Set a bucket under the tap and watch your liquid gold flow out.

VermiHut Unit

Customers will find this worm farm comes with :

  • Recycled Plastic Base
  • Lid and 3 Stacking Trays
  • Liquid gold tap
  • Cloth Filter
  • Coir Fibre Bedding mix
  • Instruction Booklet

Chose from a range of safe cool colours to work with your outdoor decor. They are seen as safer because they won’t absorb as much heat as other brands on the market. This helps protect the worms from the heat, as this can be fatal.

With a simple but sturdy one-piece leg system, this until is strong and designed to collapse when full. The system also has ventilation along the edge of the lid so rain cannot get in and flood the worm farm.

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