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Kids Gardening Kit

If you’ve been searching for a kids gardening kit you can stop right here. This¬†awesome kit is full of veggie seeds that are both fun and interesting for kids to grow. It comes with a valuable grow guide which is an excellent resource and easy for kids to follow to work out when and how to grow their seeds. I love how this kit contains everything they then to get started.

This Vegie Patch Kit contains:

  • 5 packs of organic seeds including
    • baby carrot (little finger)
    • Cucumber (marketmore)
    • Lettuce (salad bowl green)
    • Radish (pink beauty)
    • Rocket (arugula)
  • 5 bamboo plant tags
  • 10 biodegradable pots
  • Planet Eco grow guide

The Plant Eco grow guide is a great source of information that will guide the kids through each step.

If you’re loving this kit, they also have a Flower Patch Kit and a Herb Patch Kit as well. These kits make a great gift for a loved one or special friend. Get the kids started this weekend, with a kit from Gardening 4 Kids.


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