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If you’ve been looking for Urban Farmer Books Australia, you are going to love this guide. Dreaming of living the country life in the city? Just by growing your own healthy, sustainable fruit and veg you can achieve the output that replicates an urban farmer.

Producing our own fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs and honey is extremely possible in a suburban space. You’ll love this practical guide which helps urban dwellers develop a more sustainable existence. Justin, the author, has a deep knowledge of permaculture and organic gardening. This book shows you just how easy it is to establish a diverse urban farm, whether in your own backyard, a courtyard or even a balcony.

You’ll love observing and following nature’s cycles and patterns then apply this to a sustainable and productive garden. As well as growing fruit and veg, this book explains how to keep bees, take care of chooks, propagation, maintaining your plot and preserving your patch’s bounty. You can’t help but be inspired by Justin’s knowledge and it will help you get cracking with your own urban family garden.

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