The Edible Balcony



The Edible Balcony

If you have a balcony or small space you are going to love this book titled The Edible Balcony because it will show you what is possible. Indira is a popular media personality and foodie and as she’s on a mission to transform a tiny balcony of her own into a bountiful kitchen garden. Very doable I’d say. Nothing quite like an Edible Balcony Garden.

Follow Indira as she sets up a productive urban oasis that takes just ten minutes a day to maintain. Yes, you hear me correctly.

You’ll find an ever-changing selection of fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables, therefore, you will truly see what is possible.

This amazing book features 60 delicious recipes which showcase Indira’s home-grown produce, plus plenty of practical advice. Absorb yourself in The Edible Balcony and you’ll live a year in the life of Indira’s balcony garden. Included is a season-by-season account of her triumphs and challenges¬†which are especially relevant if you are looking to implement sustainable practices.

Consequently, this warm and engaging book will inspire you to believe you can grow in small spaces too. You’ll find, even the most reluctant green thumbs will be encouraged to connect with nature. Not only will you grow nutrient-dense food as a result, you’ll save money and reducing your carbon footprint. Now that’s something worth reading.

Love an inspiring garden book. You’ll be able to find out which is the easiest veggies to grow and get started right now.

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