Starter Kit


Reusable Pouches

Everything you need to get started on your reusable pouches journey. You’ll be all set to fill with your favourite healthy food and anything else you can think of.


  • 80ml pouch size, which is a great lunchbox size, yoghurt serve and perfect on international flights with the 100ml liquid restriction
  • The 140ml pouch size is the perfect size for baby food puree & also a great lunchbox size. Use them to serve and store purees, yoghurt, custard, jelly, yogo, smoothies and other things like salad dressing, toiletries or energy gels!
  • The 200ml reusable pouch is the perfect size for older children, parents, grandparents or littlies who have a healthy appetite. Use them to serve and store many a thing like purees, yoghurt, custard, yogo, smoothies, sauces, soups, leftovers and other things like salad dressing, toiletries or even washing liquid. You don’t have to fill them up all the way.
  • Then the 500ml, you can make your own soup, stock, broth, juice’s, milk’s, cocktails and marinades at home and dispense it into these, saving space in the fridge and freezer!
  • The 1litre size are our ultimate filling tool or accessory, great to fill your other pouches with. Or ready to fill with your favourite, healthy home cooking! Use them for storing bulk amounts of yoghurt, soups, stocks, juices, milk and lots more.

You’ll also get:

  • Funnel to help with filling up your Sinchies reusable food pouches.
  • Child safe Lids – These reusable child safe anti-choke lids are bigger than the standard lids that come with all Sinchies pouches and these are easier to keep track of.
  • Cleaning brush – Using one of our brushes makes cleaning your pouches a cinch.

Check out the full range of reusable pouches, bags and food storage from Sinchies. They are sure to have something you have been looking for. You can check out some yummy recipes as well.


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