Raised Garden Planter (mini)



Raised Garden Planter Mini

If you’ve been looking for a Raised Garden Planter Mini, and haven’t quite found the perfect one, well this is sure to make your smile. This fun but stylish mini raised planter is the perfect addition to your balcony, courtyard or patio, it would even look amazing in multiples around a deck.

Measuring 600 L mm x 300 W mm x 800 H mm, you’ll love the comfortable working height and sturdy design. Holding 41 litre’s in capacity, this small but impressive planter lends itself to a beautiful display of colourful flowers or seasonal herbs. If you position it near your kitchen you’ll be able to harvest your fresh herbs as you cook in your garden kitchen.

Pick a lovely sunny spot for your planter before you add your soil. Adequate sunshine will ensure your plants grow, produce and flower well. When choosing a location for your raised garden planter, pick a spot where your plants will receive adequate sunlight.

I bet you have a spot just for it ready to go, or maybe a family member or friend does as well? This raised garden planter makes the perfect gift. Just image how excited you would be if it arrived in the mail?

Greenlife have an amazing range of raised garden beds, planters and greenhouses. So many possibilities and ways to explore gardening with your family.


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