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Rain Gauge Australia

If you’ve been searching for Rain Gauge Australia, which is perfect for kids in the garden, then this is the one for you. Measuring rainfall is a great way to encourage the kids with a bit of garden science.
Place your rain gauge away from buildings and fences. Make sure that it’s not in a windy area because you want it to remain standingĀ during bad weather. That’s the whole point of the experiment right?
During heavy rain, you may need to measure and empty more often. However, if you stick to a set time each day say at 9 am, you’ll be able to record regular daily results.
This rain gauge is an easy and fun way for kids (including big kids) to have fun in the garden. It’s made from a plastic cylinder with a metal stake and holds up to 40ml in capacity. Measuring to a total height of 94cm.
Kids in the garden is just a starting point for CleverPatch. Their range stems across a huge selection of art and craft. Hundreds of ways to engage the kids.


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