Radish Microgreen Seeds (Green Daikon)

My Little Plot


Radish Microgreen Seeds

You will be sure to enjoy the natural boost to your families immune system eating Radish Microgreen Seeds.

You may find that adding these microgreens to your diet may help aid in the development of strong healthy bones as well and assist in your overall respiratory health, even help detoxify the body!

Does this sound like something you need? Green daikon radish might just be the microgreen you need in your life!

Radish Microgreen Seeds have amazing medicinal purposes, as they are rich in vitamins A,C,E, calcium and fibre. My Little Plot’s green daikon radish is milder in taste compared to other radishes and is a great accompaniment to Asian dishes or simply eat fresh in a salad.


We suggest soaking your Radish Microgreen Seeds for around 10-12 hours in cold water prior to planting as it will help with germination!

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