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Potting Benches Australia

If you want to invest in a useful item to assist you in the garden, this is ideal. You can spend hours searching for Potting Benches Australia wide and you won’t come across value like this. Not only are Greenlife Potting Benches attractive, they are practical and very functional in saving back strain. You’ll love the space a potting bench gives you so you can prepare your plants, seeds and flowers before planting. It’s such a great gift idea.

What you’ll find:

  • A strong and stable design to suit heavy pots.
  • Made from quality anti-rust powder coated galvanised steel, for durability.
  • Two wheels with trolley handle for easy relocation around your outdoor area.
  • There is a handy bottom shelf for extra storage.
  • It also features a closeable drainage hole for excess soil removal.


I think every gardener needs a space to potter about and a potting bench is an ideal way to keep things all tidy. It would also look lovely with some potted colour on top for when it’s not in use. I make the most of any opportunity to house a plant if I’m given the chance because let’s face it, we can never have enough green.

I love the range at Greenlife because they seem to have a product for everything I need. It’s like they can read my mind.


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