Paver Knife + Long Handle

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Paver Knife (set)

Do I love this tool, I mean who wouldn’t? If you have paver’s you know just how annoying weeds are when you find then growing between. This paver knife if ideal for those thin, deep gaps between your pavers that weeds easily find a space to grow. Together with the long clip-on handle, you’ll be able to reach the most annoying weeds without hurting your back.

Paver knife benefits:

  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Stainless steel
  • Can be used as a sickle, scraper or knife
  • Ideal for cleaning pavers including scraping moss from pavers or pathway and digging into gaps between pavers to remove weeds
  • Use with the¬†small OR long clip-on handles (recommended)
  • Weighs only 125grams

Clip-on Handle – long extension

  • Extendable handle for use with all stainless steel garden tools and rake head, including this paver knife
  • Lightweight aluminium handle weighing only 430g
  • Extends from 700mm up to 1130mm
  • Reduces the need to kneel or bend over when gardening
  • Easy to use twist lock mechanism


There are so many benefits to this set, and it really does take the hard work out but using an extension handle. CutAbove Tools have an awesome range of garden, pruning and cleaning tools. Their range covers all your garden jobs. Check out the full range of interchangeable tools and garden rake to use with both the long and short clip-on handles. It will change the way you garden.


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