Outdoor-Indoor Contempo Designer Set (Bean Bags)

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Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

This is definitely the gold class of bean bag chairs for adults. This beautiful contemporary designer set with structure, quilting and style will add that special something to your outdoor area. The Silverline fabric makes for an extra-comfy set for all seasons and all environments, especially your garden area.

It’s made with Silverline UV Grade AA+ fabric for use outside in the Australian sunshine. It will withstand hail, storms and high winds so it’s definitely all-weather design.

This gold class bean bag can take serious day-to-day wear and tear, including spilt drinks, food even muddy feet. They say you can treat it like a car and just scrub or wash it off without any concerns. It’s so aesthetically pleasing, soft and tactile and would be an awesome addition to any outdoor area. I might even buy it myself.

It can be used in so many areas such as a deck, balcony, patio, entertaining area, or even an indoor-outdoor room.

SO if you’ve been looking for a bean bag that’s perfect for an adult and you wanted something outside the box, then this Contempo Set is a perfect choice. It’s unique, functional and stylish. What more could you want from a bean bag.

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