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If you have been searching for Organic Gardening Books, then you can now stop looking. This amazing Organic Gardening book is everything you need to know about natural methods for growing and cultivating plants across both Australia and New Zealand. Each edition just keeps getting better and better, therefore, this book is an impressively comprehensive guide to organically growing ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetables and cereal crops. Sounds like a great read to me.

All that is essential in organic gardening is to be found in this book, including:

  • The garden as an ecosystem
  • Preparation and maintenance
  • Alternatives to pesticides
  • Cultivation
  • Community gardens
  • Soil and its essential nutrients
  • Fertilisers
  • Composting
  • Out-of-season growing

You’ll also get a comprehensive growing guide, drawings and full-colour photographs. You’ll find this book to be a valuable reference book for home and commercial gardeners and all students of horticulture because of it’s holistic approach to organic gardening.

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