Greenhouse Drop Over

This Greenhouse Drop Over in a mini size fits over the patio raised garden bed like a glove. The range of Greenlife drop over greenhouses are made from a premium grade material for durability. You can also use it as a stand along greenhouse or dropped over the patio raised garden bed. It’s perfect to use the greenhouse to get your seedlings started, or even your flowers established.

You can easily disassemble the drop over greenhouse when not in use which makes it very functional.

Measuring 880 L mm x 580 W mm x 820 H mm. You can roll-up the flaps for easy access because they can be zipped down and tied afterwards.

Patio Raised Garden Bed (with base)

This greenhouse fits perfectly over the Patio Raised Garden Bed, and you can even purchase both of them in a bundle buy. Greenlife offer a range of bundle buys to add value to your purchase. All the greenhouses in the bundle buys fit perfectly over a specific garden bed.

The patio raised garden bed comes with a base, so can be put on hard surfaces such as patio’s courtyards, verandas and decks. The raised garden bed measures 800 L mm x 500 W mm x 300 H mm so you’ll love its compact footprint.


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