Metal Bird – Southern Boobook Owl

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Metal Bird

I just fell in love with this sweet Metal Bird Boobook from the minute I saw it. Made in Australia, this metal bird sculpture can be hammered into any timber surface, therefore making it easy to position in your garden. Most of all, they look amazing attached to a tree or post and silhouetted against the sky. Anything is possible with the right imagination.

Simply drill a small hole and hammer the bird into position, or you might find just a hammer is enough. The metal birds will not cause damage to a tree as a result. Remember – rust is a must!

By placing them outside in the elements the owl will develop its natural rust. The owl will come alive with character and charm. Hence, the rustier they get, the more beautiful they become. It’s a lovely process to watch.

Metal Bird Ornaments

The general size of these metal birds measures approximately 300 mm high in 3 mm and is made from corten steel, however, each one is unique.

You’ll simply love your new owl and it will make quite the talking point as it transforms in the sunlight.


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