Metal Bird – Robin

Throw Some Seeds


Metal Birds for Garden

Enjoy these gorgeous Metal Birds for Garden ambience.  Australian made and locally sourced makes this garden ornament a valuable addition. You can attach them to a tree or post and enjoy their silhouette against the sky.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to teach the kids about the sun’s presence in our garden, and how the shadows and silhouettes wouldn’t be here without the sun. Throw Some Seeds has a great range of these lovely Metal Birds. CLICK HERE to see their full range.

Metal Garden Ornaments

Simply drill a small hole and hammer the bird into position, or you might find just a hammer is enough. The Metal Birds for Garden decor will not cause any damage to the tree, therefore, they are safe to use in nature.

Once these sweet little birds head out into nature, they are meant to rust. Your bird may even start rusting before it arrives. You will be able to watch their character develop the longer they are left outside in the elements. It really is amazing how beautiful they become as they age.

Like in nature, all the little Robins are unique. However, their approximate size measures 130 mm high in 3 mm. They are made from Corten steel.


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