Medium Raised Garden Bed Bundle (raised garden bed + drop over greenhouse)



Medium Raised Garden Bed and Greenhouse

This Medium Raised Garden Bed and Greenhouse bundle isn’t too big or too small, it’s just right. This is the original raised garden bed in the Greenlife range. Measuring 1200 mm in length, it’s a very popular choice indeed.

Medium Raised Garden Bed

The Greenlife raised garden beds are very easy to assemble. They also have safety edges top and bottom to protect little fingers. They feature an anti-rust powder coating, which highlights their stylish and modern design.

This popular medium raised garden measures 1200 mm L x 900 mm W x 300 mm H, which is plenty of room for a bountiful crop. You could grow a wide range of veggies, herbs or a bouquet of flowers.

Medium Drop Over Greenhouse

Complete with its own greenhouse, the drop over measures: 1250 mm L x 950 mm W x 920 xx H. This height comfortably allows you to work in your garden bed and simply roll down the sides when you finish.

Take advantage of the great savings on offer by bundling these products together, your plants will appreciate the extra protection and care.

Greenlife have an awesome range of bundle deals on offer, and a wide selection of planters.


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