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Lotus Pods – Botanicals Range

Lotus Pods is such an awesome craft idea when you’re looking to be inspired by nature. You can use it in so many cool ways. Not only can the explore different craft ideas with them, they can be used for things like floral arrangements, or even as wedding decor.

However, the kids are the ones who are going to have some fun with them. Imagine just how far their creativity can go.

Nelumbium Speciosum is the botanical name for Lotus Pods. These large pods measure approximately 10cm in diameter and come in a pack of 10.

I can see the kids creating a nature fairy garden using a Lotus Pod as a fairy table, or maybe dip the Lotus Pods in some paint and create an amazing stamped artwork.

There are so many uses and I can’t wait to explore them with the kids.

Thier colour and size will vary just the way nature intended.

CleverPatch has an amazing range of nature-inspired craft ideas as well as a huge range of art and craft supplies. You’ll love how you get lost in their creative world.


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