Kids Rigger Gloves

If you’re looking for Kids Rigger Gloves you have found them. These tough cotton gloves, in vibrant blue, make gardening fun and adventurous while protecting little hands as they play.

The feature extra fabric over the knuckles which is always a plus, and make for the idea gloves to wear while planting seedlings, harvesting food, digging holes and picking up leaf litter.

Kids love gardening with the family and having their own gloves, boots and tools provides autonomy. Allow the kids to take ownership of their equipment, keep it clean, pack it away and take care of it. Next time they venture out into the garden they will see how well they put it away last time and how easy it was to find.

The Kids Rigger Gloves range comes in 2 colours, with the other option a bright green and yellow design. There is also a cute pair of polka dot gloves that are sure to be a winner.

Ideal for helping to keep hands clean and protected in the garden, these gloves make the best gift for your loved ones.

If you are looking for a size guide, these gloves are approximately 23cm in length from fingertip to wrist and 10cm wide. These gloves are a one size fits all, well up to age 10 years old that is.


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