Large Raised Garden Bed



Large Raised Garden Beds

Have you been searching for raised garden beds but haven’t found one that’s the right size? Well, one or more Large Raised Garden Beds from Greenlife is going to be perfect for growing your seasonal crop as it measures 1800 mm in length. Can you imagine just how much you can grow in a bed this size? Are you faced with clay soil or maybe you’re renting? Installing a large raised bed like this is the perfect solution.

Features include:

  • 4 x internal steel braces to add strength and prevent flexing.
  • Easy to assemble format with instructions.
  • Safety edges top and bottom so you can be sure little fingers are protected.
  • Quality anti-rust powder coated steel for durability and lasting power.
  • Stylish and modern design, to fit perfectly into your garden or space.
  • Available in a Bundle Buy with a Large Drop Over Greenhouse.
  • Measuring (L x W x H): 1800 x 900 x 450mm, its big enough for a seasonal crop.

Pick your location first, and ensure your raised garden bed has plenty of sunlight. This is especially important for a food garden. You’ll need 6-8 hours of sun for most crops. Once you’ve picked the spot you can then fill with some organic soil and compost. If you have a clay surface below, try filling with a layer of crushed rock or gravel first to help with drainage.

Large Drop Over Greenhouse

To help keep your seedlings protected Greenlife has developed the Large Drop Over Greenhouse to fit over this garden bed perfectly. The drop over greenhouse is ideal for growing plants in the colder months, protecting seedlings in the hot weather and protecting small plants until they have time to adjust and become established. When you’re finished with it, it can easily be disassembled and stored away when not in use, which is perfect.

Bundle Buy

The large drop over greenhouse can also be purchased at the same time as with the large raised garden bed in a bundle deal. The drop over measures (L x W x H) 1850 x 950 x 1020 mm.


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