Large Raised Garden Bed Bundle (raised garden bed + drop over greenhouse)



Large Raised Garden Bed and Greenhouse

This is the perfect way to save and get the most out of your growing time. You’ll love the benefits of a Large Raised Garden Bed and Greenhouse bundle because it’s not just the cost saving, it’s a smart move for your plants.

Greenlife Drop Over Greenhouse is the perfect accessory for your Greenlife Large Garden Bed. It will help protect your garden against pests, nurture your plants and enhance growing conditions. What more could you want?

Get your garden started on the right foot and invest in the best growing conditions you can. Take advantage of the great savings on offer by bundling these products together and getting a head start on the season.

Greenlife have an awesome range of bundle products to suit every garden. Because of the 1800 mm length, this bundle buy is a great solution if you’re renting or simply need an alternative to heavy clay soil. You’ll love the size of this bundle deal, there is so much you can grow. Planting your seasonal vegetables, herbs or a garden of flowers has never been so easy.



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