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Ladies Gardening Gloves

Having a good pair of gloves is essential in the garden, and that’s why I love the selection of Ladies Gardening Gloves at Not all gloves are the same, and not all customers are either. It’s important to know what you like and choose a glove that meets your criteria.

Think about the following when you are making your decision:

  • Do you like a close fitting glove or a loose fitting glove?
  • Is the lining important and are you after a breathable material?
  • Does a strong grip and durability make your list?
  • Will this glove handle the type of garden activity you are doing?

The Ladies Bounty Gardening Glove is a very comfortable, close fitting and protective glove. It is made with a comfort padding on the back of the hand for greater protection. On the palm of the hand, this glove has PVC dots to assist with a better grip.

You’ll find this glove comes in a range of colours, and ever a camo print for a bit of style.

Having a pair of gloves you enjoy wearing is the most important thing. Happy Gardening.

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