Kids Raised Garden Bed (planter)



Kids Raised Garden Bed

If you’ve been searching for something that will inspire the kids to start gardening, this gorgeous fun Kids Raised Garden Bed planter box is a winner. Made from a sturdy galvanised steel you’ll love the compact size it offers so the kids stay engaged and can manage it all on their own. It’s an awesome way for kids to learn how to grow veggies, herbs and flowers.


  • Quality anti-rust powder coated galvanised steel, for durability.
  • Fun and engaging with its brightly coloured design.
  • Strong, sturdy and stable construction and manoeuvrability.
  • Drainage hole to prevent issues with over-watering (to much love).
  • Simple instructions for easy assembly.
  • Great size for kids to manage measuring 600 x 300 x 450mm (L x W x H)


Kids can plant their own herbs, veggies or flowers and have the autonomy to look after it themselves. It’s a fun, educational and rewarding activity for children of all ages.

Like all food gardens, ensure your planter gets the required sunlight to grow healthy lush food. Place it in position prior to filling with soil. Make sure your soil is of high quality as well.

This Kids Raised Garden Planter makes an amazing gift to family or friends and is a great way to introduce and encourage kids to grow from a young age. We especially love engaging garden kids to grow food.

Greenlife stock a full range of raised garden beds and drop over covers. Be sure to check out their full range.


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