Kids Gardening Gloves (Printed)

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Gardening Gloves For Little Hands

It can be hard finding Gardening Gloves For Little Hands. These sweet printed gloves are made from cotton and have a soft lining for extra comfort. You’ll find them perfect for the little gardeners in the family.

The green variant features lady beetles, butterflies and bees on the print, while the blue pair has dragonflies, flowers and leaves. Both are very popular choices in the kid’s range and also make a great gift.

The wristband on the gloves is knitted for durability and the palm side of the glove has PVC dots to help with gripping. Rest assured their hands will stay clean and safe.

These gloves are perfect for kids aged between 5 – 10 years old.

Lots of fun garden activities and projects will be had with these cute but functional kids gardening gloves.


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