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Snug Garden Gloves For Kids

You may find some kids like a bit more security around their hands in the garden and if this is the case for a child you are buying for, then these Snug Garden Gloves For Kids are a perfect choice.

Close fitting gloves can help with dexterity in the garden, allowing kids to be able to go about their gardening without a care. Not only are they close fitting but the glove comes up the arm just enough to prevent dirt and other materials getting into the glove.

This glove has an excellent grip with microfinish coating, has a very soft touch, is light and comfortable and offers more flexible allowing little fingers more movement and less worry in the garden.

Another benefit is that these snug garden gloves for kids are also machine washable in cold water, the back area of the glove is breathable, the palm protection is waterproof, you’ll find them odourless and they have UV protection. So many benefits. have a wide range of kids gloves. You can check them out here. CLICK HERE.

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