Hedge Shears (Extendable Handles)

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Hand held hedge shears are the perfect tool to keep your hedge in shape and under control. Hedge shears have the ability to cut green material with a thickness up to a couple of centimetres thick. About the size of your finger, but not your finger of course.

These shears feature:

  • Powerful strong action
  • Ideal for reducing hedge size
  • 9 inch blades
  • Five position sliding aluminium handles
  • Extends from 70cm to 89cm
  • Strong yet lightweight to work with
  • Weight 1.2Kg
  • Wavy blades prevent stems from slipping
  • Soft thermoplastic rubber grips for comfort

Available Spare Parts:

  • Upper Blade
  • Sliding Pins
  • Nuts & Bolts

CutAbove Tools have 4 hedge shears in their range with varying blade lengths (8-10 inch), handle lengths and weights to choose from in their range. Their 10″ hedge shears are only 900 grams in weight and can cut the finest leaf. Their long-handled 9-inch shears can reach up to 1.2 metres. Replaceable blades are available on all their hedge shears as well.

These shears make for a perfect gift as well. Check out the full range of gardening, pruning and cleaning tools at CutAbove Tools.


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