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Starter Grow Kit

When My Little Plot said they had an exciting new kit launching soon, I could not have been happier. This starter grow kit for kids is a great way of bringing together mindfulness and growing. It will empower and inspire kids to connect with nature and their own emotions.

We love the idea of growing with gratitude because it leads us to become more active and aware of the people in our lives. It also helps build positive and healthy mindsets which can increase empathy and improved confidence.

Designed with children 3-11 in mind this kit is a winner for a birthday gift or special occasion.

Each grow kit includes:

  • Basil seeds
  • Chive seeds
  • Parsley seeds
  • Biodegradable pots x 3
  • Sustainable coco pellets x 3
  • Bamboo plant markers x 3
  • Affirmation cards x 3
  • Gratitude crystal
  • A gratitude journal
  • Growing instructions


These can be used in order but you could choose to begin with an affirmation and your crystal to just sit and be with. This could be followed by some journaling to reflect on how grateful you are for this wonderful day and moment and then finishing with a connection to nature and planting herbs together.

For more insight into some of the tools included in this amazing kit check out the Grow with Gratitude launch page.




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