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Grow Potato Bags

Have you been looking for Grow Potato Bags? They are such a great option for small spaces, including patio’s and courtyards. I love how well these bags work in providing a substantial crop and it’s lots of fun to do with the whole family.

They are relatively easy to grow as well. Once you have purchased your bags, fill the bag with a couple of inches of soil and organic matter from a compost. You can use a mushroom compost mix if you haven’t got your own setup. Roll your bag down so you can roll it up as you add soil when your plant grows.

Then you can plant your potato tubers. Cover with soil. Keeping it moist you simply keep covering the sprouts with a mix of organic matter as they keep growing and gradually unroll your bag as the soil rises. When you reach the top of your bag let the plants flower and die back. You can now check to see if your potatoes are ready by opening the bag at the bottom.

These bags are ideal for growing potatoes and you will be sure to enjoy the yield. The bag itself features side handles and drainage holes at the bottom.

Each bag measures 45cm high x 35 cm in diameter. Plants not included.


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