Gardening Gloves for Toddlers (Ducky)

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Gardening Gloves For Toddlers

We love toddlers helping out in the garden, and just because their hands are small doesn’t mean they can’t wear gloves. These Gardening Gloves For Toddlers little hands are the perfect solution. It can be so frustrating for kids and parents when gloves just don’t stay on their little hands.

Kids love getting dirty, and our toddlers are just the same. It’s important to keep their hands safe when working in the garden, and protecting little fingers with a high-quality glove is the first step.

Featuring a ducky design, these gloves are machine washable and designed to fit closely and comfortably on the skin. This allows for the toddlers to more freely about their activities without restriction. You can also get a matching ducky watering can.

As a sizing guide, the index finger is approximately 5 cm in length and the hand width about 9cm (please note the gloves are meant to stretch). A good indication of a hand length at approximately 12 cm with a knitted cuff length of 5 cm. If you have any questions or concerns, give a call and they will help guide your purchase.


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