Gardeners Soap

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Gardeners Soap

This lovely Gardeners Soap is handmade with a base of extra virgin olive oil and blended with soothing tea tree and orange essential oils.

In addition, this soap block also has ground pumice which makes it slightly abrasive. You’ll give your hands a really good scrub. Furthermore, because of it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties this makes it perfect for gardeners and farmers alike.

Handmade in Melbourne, Queen Bee Handmade specialises in a traditional method of soap making that allows soap to cure naturally.

Sourcing the finest quality natural, sustainable and organic materials to bring you a soap that is not only gentle on you, but gentle on the environment.

An ethical and beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. You’ll find each block is uniquely hand cut and individually stamped.

Good to note:

Ensure you keep your soap out of water between this soap is high in natural glycerin. It will be sure to extend the life of your soap.


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