Composting: The Ultimate Organic Guide to Recycling Your Garden



Composting at School

This book explores how composting works, whether that’s Composting at School, home or in a community garden. You’ll discover the many benefits of composting and how to build a foolproof heap and maintain it well.

You may have noticed that landfill and waste disposal are increasingly on the global agenda which is amazing, and more and more people are turning to ways of recycling in their own backyards. Composting is an easy, rewarding and profitable activity, with multiple benefits for you and your garden.

You’ll know exactly what to compost and how much due to the comprehensive listing of all compostable materials including things like:

  • Ash
  • Algae
  • Human hair
  • Shredded newspaper

Covering how materials for composting can go much further than the kitchen and green waste.

Other features include sections on biodynamic composting methods and ingredients, composts for different climates and how to maintain a thriving worm colony. This book also provides suggestions on the many ways to use the rich, crumbly organic matter your compost will produce.

There are lots of composting books on the market, but this one is extremely comprehensive and easy to work with.

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