Fort Cubby House

If you’re looking for a Fort Cubby House that’s big a tough, then the medium or large fort’s are the ones to look at.

Their overall height measures a whopping 3.2m and the internal height is a massive 2m tall, big enough for even the tallest kids! You might be able to use it as a teenage retreat down the track. It’s a great space to hang out even when you might have outgrown the play.

You’ll love the flexibility with the My Cubby Forts because you can add so many different accessories to your fort, and really customise it just the way you want (well maybe how the kids want).

All you need to do is talk to the team at My Cubby and they will help guide your ideal cubby design.

Check out the full range of forts on the My Cubby website and select the perfect size for your backyard.


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