Cubbies and Forts

This Large Fort fantastic if you are looking for Cubbies and Forts that are bigger in size. This large fort has so much space it’s almost a house. Measuring 600 mm longer than the Medium Fort, and weighing 250 kg it’s the most impressive of the fort cubbies.

There is so much room in this fort that the height of 3.2 m and internal height of a huge 2 m means kids can have lots of friends around to enjoy the space.

Make this fort your own by adding any or all of the customized extras. The kids can choose from premade accessories set like the ‘imagination package’ or the ‘activities package’. The other option is to select each piece individually and create your cubby exactly as you like.

You can check out the full range of forts on My Cubby and get the right sized cubby for your backyard.


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