Flawsome Family Mealbook

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The Flawsome Family Mealbook is packed full of amazing ideas and ways to help you navigate meal times with your family.

The Flawsome Family Mealbook

It is possible to enjoy meals with kids when they’re little and watch them enjoy meals with you when they’re big. I know it sometimes sounds impossible and completely out of reach. In this valuable meal book, Bec explains how you can change your meals mindset. You can start enjoying mealtimes with your family today.

It’s not a cookbook, or a parenting book, although you will find both recipes and family experiences within the book.

Bec draws on her experience as a writer, home cook, early childhood communication specialist. Bec is also a “far from perfect mum of three” teens who doesn’t like every single food on the planet – shock horror.

Easy dinner ideas for kids

The Flawsome Family Mealbook is part of the ‘Unyucky‘ program. It covers topics on planning, preparing, serving, eating, cleaning up and lots of amazing recipes.

This book is just brilliant, Bec. I am buying it for everyone I know who is pregnant! This is the perfect baby shower gift. Susan, Golden Beach, Queensland

The best part is you can download the first chapter for free. Head over to Unyucky to download.



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