Fairy Garden Crayons

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Fairy Garden Crayons

These gorgeous Fairy Garden Crayons are natural, hand-poured crayons which are perfect for little fairy artists! This box contains 6 crayons in a sweet, fairy garden theme. Made with 100% natural waxes and non-toxic pigments make them a perfect gift for the hard to buy for.

Non-toxic crayons

There is a beautiful story behind Tinta Crayons. Created by two Melbourne mums who wanted to produce a safe, natural crayon. They didn’t want their product to have anything to do with palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes. Each Tinta Crayon is therefore made from scratch and hand-poured and packed in Melbourne.

They come in beautiful packaging which is 100% recyclable and reflects the love that has gone into creating the crayons. They really do make for the perfect gift.

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