Excalibur Dehydrator 9 Tray (black & timer)

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Excalibur Dehydrator

The Excalibur Dehydrator is considered to be the best food dryer in quality and performance currently on the Australian market. That’s a pretty impressive statement don’t you think?

With a food dehydrator, you can create your own dried fruits, herbs, spices, healthy snacks, vegetables and even dried fish & jerky meats. It’s the easiest, healthiest and most economical method of preserving foods naturally in the home. You can even make yoghurt or dry materials for crafting. Wow!

Perfect for those with allergies or concerns about the presence of artificial additives and preservatives in our food. You could say this is an essential kitchen tool for you.  It is easier than canning or freezing because you simply wash, slice and load the food onto the trays. Within hours (time varies depending upon the produce) food will be ready to eat or store. Perfect for gardeners or market shoppers who have a surplus of seasonal produce to enjoy beyond it’s ‘fresh’ life so you can make the most of your home-grown food.

How it works

Food drying is an ancient process of preserving food which works by removing the water content. This water is where bacteria, yeasts and moulds need to grow so by removing it you are helping preserve.  Because the natural flavours and sugars concentrate during the process and the flavour intensifies this keeps the nutrients and healthy enzymes in tack.

The Excalibur dehydrator features:

  • A unique Parallexx™ drying system for even horizontal airflow – eliminating the need to re-stack trays.
  • Adjustable precision temperature control and a 26 hour timer.  Hyperwave Fluctuation™ technology ensures consistent drying of the whole produce, not just a dried exterior with moisture still inside and vulnerable to bacteria.
  • I love how this unit has evenly distributed air flow across each try because of the unique design. That’s impressive.
  • The Excalibur is considered the only dehydrator suitable for drying food to be ground into powder (spices etc).
  • Removable trays allow for customising the drying space, therefore accommodating different sized items. Trays are dishwasher safe.

There are so many benefits to drying food and ensuring you use up your excess produce. If you are committed to making a difference to your families health it is definitely worth the investment.



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