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Moon Planting Guide

You’ll find this Easy Organic Gardening book and Moon Planting Guide an essential resource for all Australian and New Zealand gardeners who care about their family’s health and the environment. Organic gardening is beneficial for a food garden and will transform your patch of earth to a better condition than when you found it. You’ll be able to work with nature rather than against it.

Organic gardening is a practical and kinder alternative to chemical-dependent gardening practices. It prevents soil damage and results in more nutrient-dense food, with fewer contaminated waterways and poison-resistant pests. Which is why we grow food at home in the first place right?

Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is an amazing reference to organic gardening methods. It also contains an easy-to-follow moon-planting guide to help gardeners understand the cycles of nature, listing the best planting, harvesting, and pruning days throughout the year.

This book includes comprehensive information and advice about:

  • How to protect your garden from climate change and save water
  • Revitalising your garden soil and keeping it healthy
  • The use of composting and worm-farming techniques to transform garden and kitchen waste into top-quality, organic fertiliser
  • Growing your own fruit and vegetables in garden beds or pots
  • Raising healthier, pest and disease-resistant seedlings, shrubs and trees, without using poisons

This comprehensive book also features an extensive listing of Australian native plants and a month-by-month diary of what to plant when for all climate zones of Australia and New Zealand.

For aspiring and experienced gardeners alike, Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting will make your whole garden thrive, therefore, providing a healthier haven for your family, pets, and native fauna.


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