Door & Flower Set/3

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Fairy Door & Flower Set

This delightful Fairy Door & Flower Set will let you create your own fairy house, cottage or tree.

You’ll be able to create an inviting exterior entry to your fairy home. This set will allow you to create the entrance exactly how you imagined.

This flower door & fairy set includes a mini look-a-like wooden door with a sweet little yellow welcome sign, a window featuring floral detail and a flower pot for beside the front door.

We used this set in a DIY Fairy Cottage and created a fairy house that was filled with magic. CLICK HERE.

  • The fairy door measures approximate 8cm H x 4.5cm W
  • The window is approximately 3cm H x 3.5cm W
  • Pots in this set measure approximately 4cm H x 3cm W


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