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At Delrico, they offer a custom COLORBOND colour range for their Retractable Garden Hose range. Your hose can be sprayed to match your external colour scheme. Although that’s not the reason they have developed this coating. It’s not like engineers to be focused on colour. We think this hose is the best retractable hose reel on the market. Let me tell you why.

Delrico knew what they wanted so they hired a professional to crack the right formula, Delrico were confident this coating would prolong the life of the hose casing, something unique in this market. In fact, this coating blows the competition away in terms of the life expectancy of the hose casing. Now that’s added value.

This COLORBOND colour coating prevents the casing from chalking as it deteriorates so it is designed for the harsh Australian conditions. It’s good to know Delrico design their hoses here in Australia, for Australians. Now that’s a clever brand.

The Delrico range has been designed by engineers who stand by their products with confidence. That’s why they have created an in-house service team and continue to improve their products every day. If something was to go wrong, you can send it back and they can replace the parts and return your hose. A much better option than going to landfill, which in reality, is what was happening and still is.

Huge COLORBOND Colour Range

Delrico colorbond colours


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