Curled Cress Microgreen Seeds (Bunyip)

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Curled Cress Microgreen Seeds (Bunyip)

These Curled Cress Microgreen Seeds are just the zing you are looking for.

The flavour of this one is more peppery which adds a lovely bite to a garden fresh salad. You’ll find the little feathery leaves are high in vitamin A & vitamin C.

Now unlike a lot of the other microgreens from My Little Plot, the Curled Cress Microgreen Seeds doesn’t need soaking before planting.


Well, this amazing little seed is what’s known as a mucilaginous seed, which means a sac forms around the seed when it’s watered, which encouraged germination all on its very own. Pretty amazing hey!

We highly recommend Curled Cress Microgreens as the special ingredient to a lovely salad.

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