Compost Worm (1000)

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Worms for worm farms

The humble compost worm is amazing due to its ability to recycle waste. One of the best ways your family can work towards self-sufficiency and minimum waste practices at home is to embrace worms. Worms are nature’s recyclers who break down food scraps into rich pH balanced soil.

A compost worm is different to an earthworm because it prefers to hang at the top of the soil. This is due to the moist conditions amongst leaf litter as appose to earthworms who love to go deep into the soil and aerate it. There are 3 different types of compost worms; tiger, Indian blues and red wigglers and they all live quite happily together.

Worm Tech specialises in compost worms delivering them fresh to your door. They deliver early in the week to ensure they don’t sit in transit as they have very strict standards for keeping their worms safe. This means they don’t post in extreme heat.

Worms Farms Composting

There are many different ways worms can be farmed at home. First of all, they are so versatile because they can be used in worm farms, in compost bins, Biolytix toilet and sewer systems as well as garden beds, pet food and fishing bait. Therefore, worms stack up to be a valuable resource for every home.

Worm Tech packages their live compost worms in many different sizes. CLICK HERE to find out more.


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